Parth Raval

Parth was cruising through college, reading Raymond Carver and earning an English degree, when the unusual happened: his Degree Audit said that he was due to graduate a year early.  For the next two weeks he had a mild quarter-life crisis, before deciding that graduation was inevitable and he was committed to going out in style.  So he wrapped things up, got his diploma, spent the summer as a staffer for freshman orientation, and then started figuring his life out.  He’s still at it.  Don’t worry though; he usually lands on his feet.

Growing up in a suburb near the desert, Parth felt restless throughout middle school and high school.  He thought that there must be something more out there, something of consequence. He fell unabashedly in love with books and writing and dedicated his life to words, all their ins and outs and the beauty of their construction. Parth plans on writing fiction for the rest of his life, and while he doesn’t know how he’ll pay the bills, he knows (or hopes) that good things happen to those who work tirelessly toward a single purpose.  He doesn’t have it all figured out and he likes talking to people who also don’t have it all figured out.  He also likes doing yoga and would love to do it in the park if only grass didn’t make him itchy.

Parth was a quiet kid until he realized there is no use in being quiet.  He was born with a voice and it is his duty to use it.  He wants to help others realize the same thing—that a voice is the most powerful force on the planet. Speak it, dance it, write it, film it, study it, put it under a microscope, put it out in space, but use it to fix yourself on the fabric of life. Don’t wait.  There is no better moment than now.


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