Michelle Vo

Student. Dreamer. Story-teller. Tour guide. Explorer. Reader. Life is in a constant state of flux. 1521507_3708630291714_2119875549_n

(And the rest is rust and stardust)

Michelle Vo was born and raised in relative surburbia. However, she was imbued a sense of adventure and discovery from her family’s penchant of exotic travels (Southeast Asia being a favorite) and a love of books at a young age. After moving even deeper into upper-middle class Americana for university, Michelle decided to begin the grueling task of being a pre-med student.

Needless to say, she realized that path was not for her after her second year and spent the rest of 2013 soul searching. Six months and change of major have passed since then and although she has not found a career that appeases her mother, Michelle has found herself in the unparalleled environment of the UP Lab. 

Michelle hopes to do one thing right every single day for the rest of her life. Whether that is accomplished through her own actions to the universe or by influencing another person, she considers that to be her new life philosophy. She also believes that happiness is best when shared with others and hopes to spread positivity through the UP Lab. She loves interacting with people and considers story-telling to be one of the most therapeutic and intimate ways to understand where a person comes from. 

When she isn’t in class, Michelle is a tour guide for UCI and walks backwards while telling the most cringe-worthy (but laughable) puns. In her free time, she also enjoys exploring, reading, eating and sharing stories with her friends. She is also an avid thrifter and has discovered a talent in Wikipedia racing.