Justin Ho

Justin Ho

Justin Ho is an aspiring physical therapist driven to help people recover through rehabilitation.

Justin graduated UC Irvine Class of 2012 with a BS degree in Biological Science. Since graduation, he spends time honing in additional experience in physical therapy while discovering new and old hobbies that make him happy.

He has had very fortunate upbringing and looks to use this fortune to take as many opportunities to improve himself. Through his involvements at UCI, he met many diverse individuals who aided his constant personal growth.

Growing up, he was the quiet kid who never spoke. The only time Justin spoke was on topics of basketball, Pokemon, or Neopets. The only time he spoke to girls was to ask for a sheet of paper. It wasn’t until attending UCI where he developed his confidence and self-esteem.

As much as Justin’s extroversion has grown, he opts to assuming the role as a wall flower. He likes to observe and analyze. He has adopted a balance driven mindset, where he does his best to be his own devil’s advocate. With this Justin tries to maintain a tolerant and calm perspective to the many things he observes. The key to his own happiness and success is dependent on how he reacts to anything. He believes that any reaction should be rooted from a positive state of mind.

Whether or not Justin is ready for hardship, he is comforted knowing that he has a strong positive perspective and an outstanding support group to keep him afloat. He is blessed with a life full of opportunities and wants to use this opportunity to help unlock individuals’ potentials. He firmly believes in leading by example. Inspiration doesn’t necessarily stem from great things done by great individuals, but more importantly from good things done by ordinary people. Justin believes that we are all ordinary people with extraordinary minds.




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