David Ly Khim

davidlykhimDavid Ly Khim is a blogger, dancer, and entrepreneur working to help you realize your potential to be remarkable (significance to the world). David has taken on a variety of leadership roles and hosted social projects, developing necessary skills in entrepreneurship in the process. He holds a bachelor’s degree in chemistry, but decided pursue a more fulfilling life of entrepreneurship.

A native of Long Beach, California, David has developed into (a self-proclaimed) ambitious 20-something-year-old looking to change the world and help others realize their own potential. He works to encourage people to take initiative to achieve their goals and become successful—in whatever manner that they define the term.

David previously served as the vice president of B-Boys Anonymous, a freestyle dance organization at UC Irvine, where he developed much of his leadership and organizational skills. He spent half of his college career as an introductory bboying (break dance) instructor, through which he developed his teaching skills and methods. He spent a year conducting inorganic chemistry research. He also worked at the campus bookstore for three years where he became experienced in customer service, learned people skills, and gained a better understanding of the retail industry in terms of management, marketing, and sales. David spent last summer mentoring incoming UCI freshmen, assisting them with their transition into college, further developing his leadership and people skills and deepening his understanding of social issues.

Learn more about David at www.davidlykhim.com. Contact him directly at davidlykhim@gmail.com to have a thoughtful conversation.



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