Andre Vidal

Andre Roberts Alexander Vidal, known to many simply as Dre, is an enthusiastic and inquisitive student at UC Irvine determined to make life more enjoyable, for himself and others. Currently a third-year English major with a double minor in Comparative Literature and Film & Media Studies, Andre hopes to apply his skills to the world of marketing, and has already embarked upon an array of related internships.

Born and raised in New Zealand, Andre grew up with an affinity for nature and developed a relaxed and easy-going personality to match. Having inherited dual citizenship from his US compatriot father, Andre seized upon the opportunity to explore the world and expand his horizons and relocated to sunny Southern California.

Andre currently serves as the Co-President of Musicality, the open music interest and performance club at UC Irvine, where he exercises his aptitude for leadership to benefit the musically inclined community. Andre is also the Campus Organizations Resources & Education (CORE) Consultant for the 2013-2014 academic year, where he caters to student organizations’ needs.

Amidst an array of additional involvements Andre has an immense passion for music, particularly that of composition and production. It should also be noted that Andre is obsessed with food and is rather fond of reading. Adding experiences to his repertoire of tales to tell is crucial, he says.


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