About The UP Lab

“Everyone has an immeasurable potential that can be unlocked with the right catalyst.”

The purpose of The UP Lab is to help individuals realize their significance to the world and their immense potential to be remarkable. Our mission is to construct a positive foundation for people to follow their passions and unlock their own potential.

Feel free to contact us at theuplab@gmail.com.

The Team



David Ly Khim

David Ly Khim is a blogger, dancer, and entrepreneur working to help you realize your potential to be remarkable (significance to the world). David has taken on a variety of leadership roles and hosted social projects, developing necessary skills in entrepreneurship in the process. He holds a bachelor’s degree in chemistry, but decided pursue a more fulfilling life oaf entrepreneurship.
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Justin Ho

Justin Ho

Justin Ho is an aspiring physical therapist driven to help people recover through rehabilitation. He graduated from UC Irvine with a B.S. degree in Biological Science. Since graduation, he spends time honing in additional experience in physical therapy while discovering new and old hobbies that make him happy.
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Michelle Vo

Michelle Vo is a story-teller and student at UC Irvine. When she first came to university, Michelle thought that she wanted to go to medical school and become a physician. Needless to say, she realized that path was not for her after her second year and spent the rest of 2013 soul searching. Six months and change of major have passed since then and although she has not found a career that appeases her mother, Michelle has found herself in the unparalleled environment of the UP Lab.
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Alexander Kim
Contributing Author & Photographer

Alex is currently finishing up his last year as a Business/Economics Major and English Minor at UC Irvine. He joined The UP Lab as a contributing writer because he too believes that “words and ideas can change the world.” He enjoys photography and videography and sees them as ways to show people the world through his eyes.
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Andre Vidal
Contributing Author

Andre Roberts Alexander Vidal, known to many simply as Dre, is an enthusiastic and inquisitive student at UC Irvine determined to make life more enjoyable, for himself and others. Currently a third-year English major with a double minor in Comparative Literature and Film & Media Studies, Andre hopes to apply his skills to the world of marketing, and has already embarked upon an array of related internships.

Born and raised in New Zealand, Andre grew up with an affinity for nature and developed a relaxed and easy-going personality to match. Having inherited dual citizenship from his US compatriot father, Andre seized upon the opportunity to explore the world and expand his horizons and relocated to sunny Southern California.
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Medha Asthana
Contributing Author

Medha Asthana is an explorer and full-time thinker at UC Irvine. She is currently pursuing and cultivating her interest in Business Administration and making sure to get her fill of her Anthropology minor, as well. When Medha is not on campus or engaged in her involvements, she can be found either biking or jogging around fanatically with teal earphones or sitting somewhere quietly appreciating the small things in life. She is ecstatic to join the UP Lab and express her ideas and passions with others through the power of writing.
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Parth Raval
Contributing Author

Parth was cruising through college, reading Raymond Carver and earning an English degree, when the unusual happened: his Degree Audit said that he was due to graduate a year early. For the next two weeks he had a mild quarter-life crisis, before deciding that graduation was inevitable and he was committed to going out in style. So he wrapped things up, got his diploma, spent the summer as a staffer for freshman orientation, and then started figuring his life out. He’s still at it. Don’t worry though; he usually lands on his feet.
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Bani Logroño

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Brian Phetmuangmey

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