UPLifting Mix 004: But I’m quite alright, listening to this mix tonight

by Michelle Vo

Here at The UP Lab, we’ve decided to retire our weekly UPlifting Music Series and upgrade into a more nostalgic and sharable medium: mixes. Every month, we will share a new playlist with songs that encompass a certain theme. These mixes can be inspired by submissions, so if there is a particular song or genre that you would like to hear in the next playlist, please check out our UPlifting Music page to share a track or suggestion with us.

It’s finally raining during this Southern California drought, and I am personally ecstatic. There’s something about rainy weather that makes you want to stay inside, pour a cup of coffe/tea/whateveryourheartdesires and listen to something to bring out the feels. So here’s a few of my favorite slow songs to curl up to and settle in with tonight.

Track list:

 Evaporar- Little Joy

 Baby- Ariel Pink’s Haunted Graffiti

Municipality- Real Estate

Hiding Tonight- Alex Turner

The Greatest- Cat Power

Pale Blue Eyes- Velvet Underground

I RememberDevendra Banhart

Other PeopleBeach House 


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