UPLifting Mix 003: Let’s Groove Tonight (with this mix)

by Michelle Vo

Here at The UP Lab, we’ve decided to retire our weekly UPlifting Music Series and upgrade into a more nostalgic and sharable medium: mixes. Every month, we will share a new playlist with songs that encompass a certain theme. These mixes can be inspired by submissions, so if there is a particular song or genre that you would like to hear in the next playlist, please check out our UPlifting Music page to share a track or suggestion with us.

 Happy New Year, everybody! Even though we’re a week in, it isn’t too late to get excited about 2014. This month’s mix is a fun, dance-y, electro pop playlist starring a few of my favorite DJs and artists. Let’s start off the new year with a bang and groove… with this mix of course.

Track list:

Mornin’– Star Slinger

Holidays ft. Alan PalamoMiami Horror

One O Six (The Supermen Lovers Remix)Jupiter

Fantasy ft. RuckazoidBreakbot

ImaginationMiami Horror

miss you bo en

Dutchie Courage Star Slinger

Starlight (RAC remix)Escort


Why ft. RuckazoidBreakbot

This MomentFrench Horn Rebellion



Cover image by Michelle Vo

Image courtesy of Paramount Studios Saturday Night Fever (1977)

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