The Looking UP Project

Happy with our first mock set up!

the Looking UP Team (L to R) Victoria, David, Michelle, Justin
Missing: Tim

By Justin Ho

The UP Lab presents the Looking UP Project. A interactive display for the community to show their appreciation and gratitude for individuals who’ve made a positive impact on their lives.

Take a moment to think about someone who has made a significant impact on your life. Think of someone who has been an influence or a mentor to you. Think of someone who, since you’ve met them, helped you become a better person.

Think of someone you are grateful for.

The UP Lab proudly presents the Looking UP Project. This is our first project as the UP Lab, and it is dedicated to paying tribute to the everyday heroes–the ordinary people who have an extraordinary impact on our lives.

We’ve constructed large bulletin boards in the shape of the letters “U” and “P” and an up arrow. The UP Lab team will be passing out multicolored arrow-shaped card stock with the following phrases on them:

________ inspires me.

________ gives me hope.

________ is my hero.

________ saved my life.

Colorful arrows of gratitude.

We’ll have markers for individuals to write and share those whom they are grateful for. Once you’ve made a decision and written the name down, we’ll give you a pushpin to pin the arrow onto the board!

There will be chalkboard placards with ‘THANK YOU ________’ available for you to take a picture with and to show your gratitude to those who deserve it. Make sure to use the #lookingup hashtag when posting on social media!

Additionally, we will be accepting anonymous submissions, either written in a note or online on tumblr, of the stories behind why you wanted to thank these specific individuals. More information about this will be released as the week goes on!


Victoria Wang initially pitched the idea of constructing a public display where people could share and thank their heroes. The UP Lab worked with Victoria to bring this vision to life, thus creating the Looking UP Project.

The project offers a great platform for participants to give a big “thank you’ to the people they look UP to, whether it be a friend, a teacher, a family member, or even a stranger.

Many of us don’t realize the impact we have on the lives of the people around us. Likewise, the people around us don’t always realize their significance either. The project will give people an opportunity to publicly show their gratitude to their communities and realize the inspiring individuals they are surrounded by.

With a colorful array of arrows pointing upward, we hope to motivate and remind spectators and participants that they can be an inspiration to others and create an overall positive vibe that catalyzes others to do good.

The panels will be posted up on the UC Irvine campus near the student center. Come by and share with us who you look up to! You’ll find us set up from November 18-22 (UCI Week 8). We hope to see you there!

Looking UP Project

When: November 18th – 22nd

Time: 7:00 AM – 6:00PM

Location: UC Irvine Student Center

Throughout the week, we will be revealing different ways you can participate. Stayed tuned for more information and updates for the Looking UP Project.

David and Justin posing with half of the UP Arrow.

The entire project is funded from our very own wallets, and during the week we’ll be most gratefully accepting donations to help pay for the project and also fund further development and expansion of this project. More information on how you can contribute will be posted as the week progresses.

Disclaimer: We reserve the right to remove anything pinned to the wall that we deem inappropriate and distasteful.



Photo Source: Banzki, Justin Ho

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