This Side UP

By David Ly Khim

uptsu Welcome to The UPLab! The UnParalleled Lab.

Our Mission Statement at The UPLab

The purpose of The Unparalleled Lab (The UPLab) is to promote positivity, encourage people to follow their passions, and unlock human potential. We will do this by sharing personal stories of unparalleled ambition, dedication, and perseverance which everyday individuals display. We will share quotations from influential persons throughout history and provide genuine encouragement to each individual. We want to help each person realize their significance to the world and their immense potential to be remarkable.

Why UnParalleled? So there are intersections?

Yes. We believe that, no matter how you try to compare yourself to someone else, no two people are the same, and there is no flawless method of comparison. Although there may be a common ground where our lives intersect and connect, our lives are not identical. Each person thinks differently, each person has their own history and background, each person has something unique to contribute to the people around them and to the world. Everyone is extraordinary in their own way—whether or not they realize or embrace it. No two people are paralleled. We each have an UnParalleled mind, and live UnParalleled lives.

Why a Lab? Not all of us are scientists.

We’re not all scientists, but experimentation—trying new things and having new experiences—is essential for improvement and moving forward in anything. In a scientific experiment you must tweak different factors to find what works, what doesn’t work, why it does or doesn’t work, and most importantly, how it works. We believe that each individual should always be experimenting with their life. We should always tweak variables to improve ourselves, working to move to the next level of development. We want to help others develop their own lifelong laboratory and develop themselves into who they want to be. We are each our own UnParalleled Lab because we are always adjusting, experimenting, and trying to find what is right for us to make unparalleled progress in our lives.

We believe that everyone has an immeasurable potential that can be unlocked with the right catalyst.

You’re very welcome to join us.


Feel free to contact us with any questions or suggestions at

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